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Ok, people.  It’s time.  I haven’t been around and I can’t exactly explain why.  Ok.  Maybe I can.  I’ll try.  Sunburn.  I am extremely sunburnt.  Or, tan.  I like to call my sunburns tan.  Sunburns are the only tans I ever really get.  I think this is going to be a post of a ton of little thoughts.  Let’s see if any of them turn into big thoughts.

First, I have another post brewing that kind of freaks me out.  It means a lot to me.  Of course, as most are, it is about love.  I think it will be a big, big, huge post.  It at least feels like it will be.  It’s about my sister.  You know, I read another blog called Single Dad Laughing. It is written by Dan Pearce and he started writing it after his second divorce as a tool to help him heal.  It is largely about his son, Noah, and parenting or at least that’s what he says it’s about but it’s not.  It’s not at all about parenting.  It’s about life and laughing.  I love it so much.  I’m starting to realize that maybe that’s what this is about.  Healing and love.  Every therapist I have ever had has made me write in some form, usually in a journal.  So, I guess that’s what I’ve done.  Without the therapist this time.

You know, it’s been over 8 years since I’ve been in some form of therapy?  I miss it immensely but I spent enough time that I gained the tools I needed to help me be healthy on my own.  Or at least try to be.  Well, to at least use those tools and reliably take my anti-depressants.

This was the most beautifully, relaxing, happy weekend.  Ever.  Full of sunburn, which apparently I can’t feel anymore.  It just doesn’t hurt anymore.  I’m a bit concerned but relieved at the same time.  As the girl who sunburns even with sunblock on, it’s a bit of a relief.  As for my relaxing weekend, on Saturday, Steph and I spent the day at Six Flags with her Dad.  During the afternoon we went to the whale show (where we got soaking wet!), fed the lorikeets, and pet the stingrays.  It was so much fun.  In the evening, after Steph’s Dad left because he had work the next day, Steph and I rode all the crazy rides.  Who knew I liked crazy rides?  I thought I hated them!  Now I adore them.  This is why we’re now season pass holders at Six Flags and I get sad every time we drive by without stopping.

Then we drove home.  Sunday morning was my final day of Church before another summer at camp.  Church was amazing, as usual.  Relaxing, refreshing, and energizing.  It was followed by the flea market that I’ve always wanted to go to.  It cost a dollar to get in and was filled with creepy junk.  While I have to admit that I got my Dad a pretty neat Father’s Day present, I was pretty disappointed overall.  I probably will not be going back.  Then there was a neat craft fair at the middle school.  Where we ran into Susan, sooo good to see her!  Best part of this series of events?  All orchestrated by Stephanie.  Ok, well, maybe not running into Susan but the flea market?  The craft fair?  All Steph’s ideas.  Why?  Because she knows I enjoy them no matter how much she does not.  Then she wanted more ideas of stuff like that, when she couldn’t come up with any she took me home and let me pick out the movie on the Netflix.  In The Proposal Post, I talked about how it was the little things, the breaks from routine that made life romantic after seven years.  This past Sunday was the perfect example of that.  She always lets me choose the movies but the other stuff?  Getting her to a flea market AND a craft fair?  There would be some serious teeth pulling involved there.  The movie was followed by a scrumptious nap and a movie (a scary one!!!) out with a friend.  Doesn’t that sound like a delightful day?  Wouldn’t that be enough?  I’d say so but then it got even BETTER!  WE HAD SUSHI FOR DINNER!!!!  We didn’t go to the usual place.  We went some place different and it was excellent.  The service was excellent, the sushi was super tasty, and they gave us free ice cream.

Monday was Stephie’s sleep late day.  Followed by breakfast in bed.  Followed by continued vegging and snuggling and happy.  Alllllllllllll day. Oh yeah.  And napping.  More napping.*  Then nerds.  Never enough nerds.  Nerds = Big Bang Theory.

So, yeah.  Best.  Weekend.  Ever.

Actually…. The weekend wasn’t all good.  The reason we were in the general vicinity of Six Flags?  We had to drop our baby cats off at their summer house.  Where we go for the summer we can’t take them.  So, we’re home without our 4 babies.  Although we’re relishing the opportunities to leave things around the house that they would normally destroy, chew on, or steal, we miss them dearly.  The naps and cuddles?  Normally there would have been a four legged furry body in the middle of it all… Life is bizarre without a cat in the middle of it all.

*I’m practically required to nap as much as my body will let me.  So, lots and lots of naps for me.  And Steph works and goes to school a lot.  And she did a lot of driving this weekend.  So she earned lots of naps.  Plus her unending patience with me always earns her lots of naps.


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