Church, Tater Tots, Jetsons, and Cleaning….


So, it’s actually been a really terrific day.  Filled with so many of my favorite things.

I went to Church this morning, I ran late as always.  I still made it on time, I’ve mastered power walking to Church.  I helped with Communion.  Helping with Communion always feels… Like an honor?  LIke a major responsibility?  It feels heavy.  “The blood of our Lord, shed for you.”  Pastor Joel (or our Lovely Lynn as it was this morning) gives the bread and the Communion assistants (my job!) give the wine.  It is truly all of the above.  An honor, a major responsibility, and a moment of prayer and reflection.  It help to put life into perspective for me.  Church always does, it also refreshes me.  I still can’t believe that I am attending Church and so involved with Church.  I love it.  I’m proud of sitting on council, especially on the executive board as secretary.  It keeps me busy.  Next week I’m presiding over the Worship team meeting.  How can I not be proud of what I’m doing there?  Serving my Church family or community if you prefer.  It makes my heart feel full and content.  

Today’s service, including the sermon, was given by the Lovely Lynn.  My Pastor’s sister passed.  Lynn talked about death and how it affects those who are left behind.  The grieving process and the time that it takes.  I realized recently that I have finally dealt with my Mom’s passing.  I’m not saying I never cry or that I never miss her, especially with Mother’s day coming up.  I am saying that I no longer cry hysterically when I think of her or miss her to the point that my heart hurts.  Thinking of her soothes me now.  I don’t wake up panicked anymore.  It took me five years.  I know that Pastor will be missing his sister, she passed so young.  I hope that he can cope with this in a healthy and happy way.  Help his parents to cope the same way.  His wife will help him.

Since I’ve come home, I have slowly been cleaning up since I have visitors coming!  No stress; clean a little, relax a little, clean a little, relax a little, etc……  Skyped with Steph for an hour or so.  Ate some tater tots, which are my favorite!  And I’ve had the Jetsons playing in the background.  An all around good afternoon.  No complaints.

This will be Gossip Girl‘s favorite part.  I also took one of the Twins out.  One of the units in my building was purchased recently.  The family that bought it has two kids, one of them is extremely allergic to cats.  Both of the kids have been *desperate* to meet our babies.  So, the compromise for the kid that is allergic was for him to meet one of the cats outside.  So, Cooper put on his harness (which barely fits him now that he’s so big!) and the leash.  We went outside and poor Cooper spent about 15 minutes outside, freaking out.  I felt bad but he’s the one most willing to be outside.  He just needs to adjust to it a bit.  He’s also been outside in the snow.  We took him to the park that time and it was easier for him.  Probably because he couldn’t see the door where his brother was sitting.  So, I let him wander for a few and then he sat in my lap where he calmed a bit.  When I took him in, he sat expectantly in front of the treats bin.  I gave them extra to make sure Cooper got to eat plenty.  What a good boy!

Now it’s back to the Jetsons and the cleaning.  🙂


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